As anyone who has ever had to shell out good cash knows, printer cartridges can cost a lot of money. These days most people print their photos at home which uses lots of color ink cartridges. If you are a student or use your printer for business use then you will probably use a lot of black printer cartridges. Either way, home printing can cost quite a lot but don’t despair, whether you use color or black printer cartridges, you can save money with the following 5 money-saving tips.

1, Choose the best printer for your needs.

If you are doing a lot of mono printing for business or academic purposes for example, then it may be prudent to buy a mono laser printer. These take toner cartridges which can do anything from 2000 to 50,000 pages. A typical small home use laser printer such as an HP 1020 takes Q2612a printer cartridges which print 2000 pages. Remanufactured cartridges are available for around £25.00 and are usually very good quality as they are easy to refill. This works out at about 1.25p per page. Not bad considering that the alternative inkjet printer uses an HP 350 printer cartridge containing about 4ml of ink at about 15p a page. Work this out per 2000 pages and you are looking at £300.00 worth of original HP inkjet cartridges or a single compatible or remanufactured toner at just £25.00 or thereabout.

2, Use online print services.

As described above, it can be expensive to print with color printer cartridges, so it is always worth looking for cheaper ways to print your photos online. The HP Snapfish website will print and deliver your photos for 9p each. This is cheaper than the 15p it would take to print them yourself. However, there is a charge of 99p to get them delivered so it depends on how many photos you are printing. Rather than printing individually at home and spending lost of money on printer cartridges, you might want to wait until you have a few month’s worths of photos and then use an online service like Snapfish to print and deliver them. This will spread the delivery cost over a number of photos, thus bringing the price per print down.

3, Use compatible or remanufactured printer cartridges

If you are defiantly going to be printing at home then this will save you the most money. There has been so much discussion on the pros and cons of using remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges that it hardly seems worth covering old ground. However, suffice to say that it has been established that they do not void printer warranty and that the most important thing is to buy them from a reputable source with a full guarantee. It like anything else, you get good workmanship from one company and goof from another, so it’s important to shop and ask around. One example of the savings which can be made on compatible ink is on the popular HP 21 ink cartridge. The original HP cartridge has 5ml of ink retails at approx £14.00.   A standard remanufactured printer cartridge has 20ml of ink and can be picked up for around a tenner. That’s four times as much ink for around 2/3 the price. So you can see the savings are astronomical.

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