Everyone loves the smell of new things, and shower curtains are no exception. Who has ever wondered about the smell of new curtains? If purchasing vinyl curtains for the shower, it is hard not to notice the smell that is created after opening up the package. While people have known of the smell for years, it was not known until more recent times that vinyl curtains discharge chemical vapors into the air that are a cause for concern.

Vinyl, which is a popular material for these curtains, contains PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is utilized in stabilizing the plastic during the manufacturing process of vinyl shower curtains. PVC contains carcinogens, and when it is heated the carcinogens can be released into the air. There are numerous health problems that can be caused by these carcinogens, and they are environmentally damaging.

Many families are opting for eco-friendly curtains for their bathrooms. More people are becoming increasingly health and environmentally conscious and seeking to purchase healthier products for their bathrooms to keep their families healthy.

The following is a list of eco-friendly curtains:

Bamboo – This material is popular with the eco-friendly crowd. It contains a natural resistance to mildew and grime and proves to be strong material.

Organic Cotton – There are numerous choices with this material. Organic means no chemicals or other harmful agents were not utilized in making this material water repellant for shower curtains.

Hemp – This material is quite costly, but well worth the buck due to the great insulation it provides. Hemp is also naturally resistant to water, mildews, and is manufactured without certain harmful compounds.

Linen – This material makes wonderful curtains. It is always possible to find color schemes for this material in abundant choices. Linen is naturally water-resistant and a wise choice for that next curtain.
Even those not sold on eco-friendly materials for their curtains may want to make them at home. It is possible to utilize sheets, bedspreads or any other types of materials. Ensure that the sheets or other materials are chosen are thin because nobody wants a bulky shower curtain. One can sew together loops on the top of the material or stitch along the area of the shower rod. Slide the rod through the loops and voila! A very personal curtain has been created from scratch. Ensure to finish off the homemade shower curtain by adding a shower curtain liner. Hang the liner behind the curtain. Eco-friendly shower curtain liners can be chosen from hemp, linen, and bamboo with all these materials naturally being water-resistant.

It is possible to decorate the material in any way desired. Those who want to make curtains to appeal to children should involve them in the creation process. Let the kids imprint their handprints on the homemade curtain, or it is possible to stencil some artwork on the curtain. The great thing about these curtains is that they can be decorated in any way one likes.

In the end, everyone has to make their own choices. It is always important to protect one’s family in any way possible, and this even pertains to curtains for the bathroom. With this information, it may be wise to think twice when buying vinyl shower curtains. However, there is no escaping the plastics everywhere in the modern world.

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